structureUnityUBT.unitypackage has issue


I open the package with Unity 2017.3.0f3 and have following incompatible issue.

Lighting data asset ‘LightingData’ is incompatible with the current Unity version. Please use Generate Lighting to rebuild the lighting data. Realtime Global Illumination cannot be used until the lighting data is rebuilt.


We have not yet made our Structure Unity packages work with Unity 2017.3.0f3, though we have just released the Structure SDK version 0.7 which updates the Unity Packages to work with 2017.2.0f2.

Please download the newest version of the SDK on our developer portal and read though the StructureUnityUBT-Getting-Started.pdf found in Samples > Unity.


My name is Su from uGo3D Inc. and we are currently developing high quality
human facial 3D scanning app using Unity & Structure Sensor with Unity3d

We are in need of a Unity3d project like Structure Sensor SDK Scanner
sample project. So we are currently reading the Scanner sample project and
editing the code to adapt to our need… However, we are under very short
project schedule, it is almost impossible to complete the tasks by reading
the sample project and editing it in a month

We are seeking for help on obtaining or getting help to make 3d scanner
with Unity3d




We have a Developer Connect program that you might be interested in. Sending you a direct message about it now.