STTracker lastFrameCameraPose

I am struggling getting the lastFrameCameraPose to update. I am using Swift with a bridging header to the SDK v0.11.

I am instantiating the STScene, STMapper, and STTracker:

        context = getNewEAGLContext()
        scene = STScene(context: context)
         let mapperOptions: [String: Any] = [
                kSTMapperVolumeResolutionKey: NSNumber(floatLiteral: 0.005),
            mapper = STMapper(scene: scene, options: mapperOptions)
            let trackerOptions: [String: Any] = [
                kSTTrackerTypeKey: NSNumber(value: STTrackerType.depthBased.rawValue as Int),
                kSTTrackerTrackAgainstModelKey: true, // tracking against the model is much better for close range scanning.
                kSTTrackerQualityKey: NSNumber(value: STTrackerQuality.accurate.rawValue as Int),
                kSTTrackerBackgroundProcessingEnabledKey: true,
                kSTTrackerSceneTypeKey: NSNumber(value: STTrackerSceneType.object.rawValue as Int),
            tracker = STTracker(scene: scene, options: trackerOptions)
            cameraPoseInitializer = STCameraPoseInitializer(volumeSizeInMeters: GLKVector3Make(1.0, 1.0, 1.0), options:[ kSTCameraPoseInitializerStrategyKey: NSNumber(value: STCameraPoseInitializerStrategy.gravityAlignedAtOrigin.rawValue as Int)])

Then I set the initialCameraPose on the tracker to the identity matrix.

I then update with motion data and with the depth frame and am printing the lastFrameCameraPose after the update and am seeing the identity matrix. It is not updating the camera.

func updateCameraPoseWith(depthFrame: STDepthFrame, colorFrame: STColorFrame) {
        do {
            try tracker.updateCameraPose(with: depthFrame, colorFrame: colorFrame)
        catch {
            print("failed to update pose with depth frame")

Am I missing a step or something to get the tracker to update its position? Thanks in advance!!