Suggestion for automatic turntable and light box setup for Structure Sensor?



I want to ask what would your recommendation be for an automatic turntable and light box setup for Structure Sensor? I am a newbie and plan to scan objects for VR game I am building in Unity 3D.

Scanning an object by rotating it

Hey skinniwini,

Though the specifics really depends on which app you are using to make the scan, I can make serval general suggestions for scanning while using a turntable.

First off, the only app that can be used with a turntable currently is with the Skanect app with the Track Loss Detection setting off. The other apps available through the Apple app store are best used while keeping the object stationary and rotating the sensor around the object.

Secondly, a light box would probably not be the best thing to use when scanning an object. If you are scanning with a turntable, you have to make sure there are no background non-moving objects within the bounding box. Either decrease the size of the bounding box or move to a larger space where you can avoid the background.

The turntable method works best for smaller objects that can fit within the dimensions of the turntable itself. If you are planning on using a motorized turntable, make sure you are able to adjust the speed at which it rotates as different objects are able to be scanned at different rates. You may also have to stop and reverse the rotation of the turntable if it is moving too fast for the Skanect app which may prompt you to move the object back to the last pose.

For detailed objects, you may need to move the sensor close to the nooks and crannies of the object to fill any holes missed after the turntable has rotated 360 degrees, such as the top of the object.

Doing a general search on google, I was able to find a pretty nice one on eBay that has all of the settings you would need:

With all this being said, you could also use a manual turntable to scan objects, as well. All you have to do is to make sure that both the turntable is big enough and the bounding box in which you are scanning the object is small enough that the scanner doesn’t accidentally scan the human doing the rotating.

Hope this helps!



Hey @skinniwini! Bumping this old thread since we’re about to do a beta of a Structure SDK update with turntable-specific enhancements. If you’d like to join, please reply on the post linked below, and/or DM me your email!


I bought one smaller but a lot cheaper in Taobao. It has many versions from limited control to IR remote, BT remote, and even programmable one…
If you can read Chinese and have access to ship to from China.