Support for multiple Structure Core sensors?

Does anyone have multiple Structure Core sensors working and streaming simultaneously?

If I have two Structure Core sensors connected to my PC, I am able to open one of them (addressed by serial number) and start streaming, but the SDK always times out while attempting to open the second device.

I have noticed that whenever I open a CaptureSession, using the ST::CaptureSession::startMonitoring() method, there is a warning message in the log that says"Structure Core driver operating in single-device compatibility mode",


HOST INFO    2020-02-14 10:12:36.151                          :481  StructureCore_InitBootId                 StructureCore Init (
HOST WARN    2020-02-14 10:12:36.155                          :485  StructureCore_InitBootId                 Structure Core driver operating in single-device compatibility mode

Is there any way to disable this “single-device compatibility mode”? Or is using multiple sensors not supported?

I’ve also noticed that when I call the ST::enumerateConnectedSensors() function, it reports 2 devices connected, but only gives me the info for 1 device. Maybe that’s related?

I have tested this and gotten the same results on several machines, all using Windows 10. I can’t find ANY documentation around this issue.

Since it seems like Occipital doesn’t respond to forum posts, I contacted their dev support and got this response:

Unfortunately at this point, there is no way to incorporate multiple sensors in the same process. We are working to determine how best to allow and expose this in the SDK, but we have not yet pushed that capability.

So multiple device capture is not possible within a single application at this point.

(I tested and can confirm that simultaneous capture from 2 Structure Cores is currently possible when running 2 separate processes / app instances)