Swift v3 Scanner app with Dropbox support on Github


I’ve posted a Swift version of the scanner app that allows you to upload your scans to your dropbox account as well as email them. This uses Swift v3 but I also have a version for Swift v2.x. that I’ll probably include it at some point. If you need a v2.x before I include it, just let me know

I made a few other changes to the stock Scanner app in the SDK in addition to Dropbox support.

  1. All devices viewport is the size of the screen. This isn’t a change on iPad, but on iPhone previously the view would be letter-boxed.
  2. The Tracker controls are hidden by default, you can show/hide the controls on a long press.
  3. The preview image when uploading to Dropbox is what is shown on the screen instead of from the origin.

Build error with iOS 11.4, SDK 0.8

Hello n6xej,

Excellent job first of all! Thank you. I would like to ask on where can I get the alamofire.framework and swiftydropbox.framework? I am new to swift. Thank you in advance.


Alamofire: https://github.com/Alamofire/Alamofire
SwiftyDropbox: https://github.com/dropbox/SwiftyDropbox