The surroundings of the particles are covered with black


Today, when using the Scene Kit Particle System, the surroundings of the particle are covered with black objects.

When it comes to “POINT AT THE SCENE” the particles will not be covered with black objects.

Code below.
SCNParticleSystem * ps = [SCNParticleSystem particleSystemNamed: @ “SceneKit Particle System” inDirectory: @ “”];
I just did addParticleSystem on the node.
Please tell me about mounting particles.

best regards.

Adding point cloud node to MixedReality Sample App

Hey there tokufxug.

It looks like you are getting this artifact because the particle system is rendering before the scanned mesh. To get proper alpha blending, transparent objects have to be rendered after (on top of) non-transparent objects. The scanned mesh renders at order 99999. To get the particles to render on top of the scanned mesh, use this line:

[particleSystemSCNNode setRenderingOrder: 100000]

Hope this helps!


Nice to meet you

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I did it as taught by nshelton.
It is operating normally.

It was saved.
Thank you very much.


I am using the Mixed Reality sample but I can’t seem to add particles to the scene.
Could you explain how you added the particle effects to the scene?



also, there are constants for these in the headers