Tracker crash with framework v0.7.1 TrackAgainstModel


Tracker crash on updateCameraPoseWithDepthFrame:colorFrame:error: when kSTTrackerTrackAgainstModelKey: @TRUE and not kSTTrackerBackgroundProcessingEnabledKey: @YES.

To reproduce: take framework 0.7.1 sample Scanner App and remove the line kSTTrackerBackgroundProcessingEnabledKey: @YES ( 65)

Tested on ipad air 2 with ios 11.1.2.

Our app will probably be fine with kSTTrackerBackgroundProcessingEnabledKey:@YES, but the framework shouldn’t crash and it would be nice to keep the option to turn it off.


Thanks so much for letting us know if this potential issue. I’ve tested it myself by changing the line from:

kSTTrackerBackgroundProcessingEnabledKey: @YES


kSTTrackerBackgroundProcessingEnabledKey: @NO

and the scanner app did crash. I’ve let one of our engineers know of the issue and they will be investigating it.

Thanks once again!