Unable to calibrate structure sensor on iPad Pro 12.9 using calibration app



I am unable to go pass the first calibration screen of the app on iPad pro 12.9. It keeps telling me to find a scene more messy and complex, but I am not able to get to calibrating it. On iPhone 5s, for the same scene, I am able to calibrate. Can someone please advise how should I solve this problem. Exist for both indoors and outdoor calibration.


Have you aligned the bracket correctly to your iPad? You can find more information here: https://structure.io/getstarted#ipad-pro


Must I used the official bracket? I want to use with a heavy duty case, for industrial purposes, hence I use my own way to attaching the sensor on the back.



You do not have to use an Occipital branded bracket, and many people have designed their own 3D printed ones. You can see some designs here: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/structure

Please keep in mind that you will need to know the exact x, y, and z offsets from the iOS devices color camera to the Structure Sensor for you to be able to Calibrate it correctly.

Also, when calibrating using the Wide Vision Lens, please make sure that you are calibrating in the Wide Vision Lens mode. I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.

Here is a list of forum posts that could help: http://forums.structure.io/c/cad-custom-attachments


I am still not able to find what is supposed to be messy or complex. I have used a case printed from the link you provided. Is there any example to follow? Provided a image of what scene I am trying to calibrate. Is the object too far to calibrate?


@chuazy Sometimes this can happen in the Calibrator App if you haven’t inputted or chosen the right case that you are using with the Structure Sensor to affix to your iOS device.

The Calibrator App needs to know exactly where the Structure Sensor is positioned from the iOS device’s color camera in X, Y, Z offset to correctly overlay the depth image from the color image. Please make sure that you are selecting the right case within the Calibrator App. If you have a case that is not an option, please choose the color case option and correctly input the X, Y, Z coordinates.

From the image you sent over to me, it looks like the scene is complex enough, but does not have enough sunlight, as most the image is in shadow. Please make sure that you are choosing both a complex and well-lit scene during calibration.

Please let me know if this helps!


For iPad Pro, can I modify the distance calibration like how I can do it on iphone? I need to use the sensor with a custom case, and without modifying the distance I cannot get to the right Color matching to the model.



The short answer is yes, but not yet. We are currently about to release a new version of the Calibrator App that will allow you to set the offsets from the color camera on the iPad to the Structure Sensor (x, y, and z), similarly to how you can set them with an iPhone device now. This will allow you to create your own custom case. We even have a downloadable CAD file of one of our brackets that you can use to help design a custom case for your Structure Sensor and iPad. You can find the CAD file on the following page where it says, “Create Your Own Attachments”: https://structure.io/developers.

Hope this helps!