under what condition will calibration warning popup?


recently I reset the iPad networking, calibration warning starts to popup; I notice calibration app need network to work (contact occipital store); after I did the calibration; reset the networking again; it does popup the calibration anymore.

I am wondering under what condition will the calibration warning popup?

Thanks a lot!


Renaming the iPad is one thing:


Thanks Jim:

after calibration, if I use the iPad and sensor without networking, how long the calibration message will show up?


I’m not sure, maybe @anthony.monaco can comment?


To be able to set the calibration, the calibrator app needs to be connected to the internet.


Hi, Anthony:

as you said, calibration only works with internet. If I want to calibrate, I will connect to internet.

normally we will work offline.

I just checked, without internet, if I change iPad name, the calibration warning will popup.

I am wondering what else will activate the calibration warning under no internet access condition?

Thanks a lot