Unity3D - Colored Mesh


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Has anyone been able to perform a scan in Unity3D to include a colored mesh? Working with the Structure.IO team and they say that there are Obj-C updates as well as code changes required in Unity to make this happen. Right now, the scan in Unity just returns a grey-meshed model. We are wondering if anyone else has solved this and if so could share steps to support colored mesh in Unity3D.

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Colorizing Mesh in StructureUnityAR simple scanner

Hey Sam, where you able to find the answer to this? I too also need to colorize the mesh.


Hello @mauriciod - I got really close today I think to getting this to work. I have to kind of start over tomorrow again with a clean version of the SDK Unity files. I will share any results if I get this working.

Can't get color scans when using Scanner app

Awesome stuff @sam_murley! I too think i might be getting close to figuring this thing out. I was looking at the samples from the SDK, opened up Scanner on Xcode and in ViewpointController.mm, we see where the jpg and obj are being emailed out. Now i just need to get access to the jpg from that script within Unity. Hope this helps


@mauriciod - OK. I made code changes to these 4 files in an attempt to merge the xCode SLAM code into the Unity headers and Script files:


The Structure team thought there may be a way to use the Structure Scan app to perform the scan and then bring this into Unity - is that the approach you are taking?

We are starting from the AR Unity Package as well so we have to strip out some of the AR stuff - we just want to perform a scan and then see the result in Unity with a colored texture.