Upgrade to iPhoneX / ARKit


It’s been a year now since my first Bridge headset came in (iPhone6 model). I had fun with some of the early experiments on this one, but ye olde iPhone6 was not up to the task of heavier scenes. Last months I played some more with iOS11 and ARKit on iPad Pros and, since a month now, on iPhoneX. Great to see the iPhoneX Bridge headset out now, best of both worlds potentially. This rises two questions:

  1. I am assuming many hardware similarities to the new and previous headsets. As alternative to buying a new 179$ headset, is there path to upgrade my current headset to iPhoneX, e.g. swapping out front door? 3D prints anyone? If not, anyone interested in an iPhone6 version (Europe) ?

  2. Did anyone here experiment with running ARKit-based apps on the headset, over even wilder, in unison with Bridge? I can imagine vanilla ARKit’s tracking calibration and stability is hard to reach, even for Bridge. For pure ARKit wearing Bridge headset, even after tweaking stereo views I am expecting the additional lens to mess up with calibration and fusion between vision and IMU with floating and drifting as a result. I would love to see on-the-fly Structure meshes being used to augment an ARKit app, for untethered AR environments with more realistic surfaces than just horizontal planes.


We are currently evaluating how to deliver new front face plates to those users who have purchased a Bridge Headset but have updated to a new iPhone. Unfortunately, we do not know if or when this decision will take place.


Thanks for the swift response! Looking forward to hearing more about it in future (even if it’s a No :slight_smile: )


I’m about to purchase a Bridge headset and currently have an iPhone 6s. I expect to upgrade to an 8 or X in the near future. Is it feasible for someone to fabricate or purchase additional face-plates to accommodate different iPhone models? Are they easily swapped?


@cornelius.toole Please read above.


I have the Bridge headset for the Iphone 7 and now have a Iphone X and would also like to upgrade the headset to the Iphone X. Is it possible to just modify the face plate with a Dremel tool? I see that the faceplate is screwed on at the hinge point so could we use the Iphone X faceplate from your new headset to fit on our old headset?


We do not recommend modifying the Faceplate with a dremel tool, as the Wide Vision Lens is a necessary attachment for the Bridge Headset. If you do use a dremel on the camera outlet, you will not be able to correctly attach the Wide Vision Lens. This would render your headset useless.

As stated above, we are still looking into how to deliver new front face plates to those who have purchased newer iPhones.


Ok, thanks for your input, I will wait for your solution.


Hi! I am looking for a door/front faceplate for the Iphone 6s.
As long as it isn’t available as a separate purchase in the Occipital store, would anyone here be interested in selling their front face plate to me?

If you would only consider a trade, I have a front face plate for the Iphone 7. If possible, I’d like to hold on to it for a future upgrade, but if we get a confirmation that the separate-purchase option will become available in the future at Occipital, we can swap now :wink:

Anyone interested?

Thank you very much!!


Hi! The Netherlands, just like you I presume. I just sent you a PM via LinkedIn, so feel free to contact me.



I have also upgraded to iPhone X and I need to keep using my Bridge but buying another one just for the front faceplate seems a bit wasteful.

Are there any updates on being able to buy just the separate faceplate?



We are currently selling our Bridge Headsets without the Structure Sensor for $179. Unfortunately, we still have not decided the best way to deliver just the faceplates to our customers who have upgraded their phones to newer or better models.


What about ARKit with bridge and ss?