Uplink fail to connect error


Does any one know why this error happens

"Uplink failed to connect.
Service: Skanect at on port 6666
Error: Already connecting

Usually solved by turning of the Ipad and restarting Skanect, sometimes several times



This has been seen before with Skanect when there are multiple devices trying to connect to Skanect at the same time. Please make sure that the iOS device you are wanting to use is the only device with the Structure App open.

We would recommend setting up an Ad Hoc connection. You can find instructions here:

This will help rule out that the wifi is the issue or if there are multiple devices trying to use Uplink at the same time.


It happens usually when I start the next session after closing down or the Ipad waits with a uplink connected and goes into a sleeping mode.

There is only one structure app / IOS device present

So Skanect holds the connection, after the Ipad goes to sleep

Is there a way to terminate the uplink or should I just restart the WiFi?



After you are done with Skanect, please make sure that you close both Skanect on your computer and the Structure App on your iPad.

You can learn how to close or turn off apps from the following page: http://www.tomsguide.com/faq/id-2356082/close-opened-apps-ios.html



There were quite a few apps open on Ipad.

Thanks Atli