User Interface Testing with Structure Device



When the Structure Sensor is plugged into the iOS device, it thus occupies the charging input. How to go about using the Structure Device in User Interface Tests (UIT)?

The device would occupy the lightning port, we then would not able to implement automated UIT in our CI solution. As anyone found a way around this? I am looking for dongles or ports that would enable plugging both the structure and a mac to the iPad…


Maybe you could build a test mode into your app so it can run without the sensor attached, perhaps processing some test/sample depth data?
Or something like STWirelessLog - where the app runs in a test mode with the sensor attached, and transmits results / screenshots?


Hello @woody3k,

We need to test that the structure consistently captures the correct depths within a certain margin of error. Mock depth data is not right for this purpose.


@woody3k, is there a way to attach the device to the Mac and use simulators for testing…?


The USB Hacker cable lets you connect the sensor and you can use OpenNI to fetch data.

Or maybe a test mode in the app that sends results to a web service?


@woody3k we have a hacker cable, received at purchase. It’s actually the cause of this forum post, the cable occupies the one and only lighting port on the iPad. The web service defeats the purpose of UITs on the iPad.

We need to test on the iOS device itself.


Hmm yeah you’ve thought through this haven’t you :slight_smile:
Just to clarify - I meant the USB hacker cable, that allows you to connect the sensor to a usb port on your mac.

But I’m not sure if anyone ever looked into trying to make this available to the iOS simulator. And writing custom mac software using OpenNI to test the sensor wouldn’t really validate it… hmm.

What about xcode’s wireless debugging? Does that offer you enough to return results from tests on the ipad? Could you kick off an xcode debug session from your CI and parse the NSLog output stream?


@woody3k xcode wireless debugging ===> huge performance drop! Tests are super slow to kick off and run. And an automated CI, the iPad would run out of power.


Thanks for providing the extra details. I’m all out of ideas, hopefully someone else will chime in?

The Structure power adapter pro is meant to provide enough power to keep the sensor and ipad charged, maybe that would help in a case like this?


Have you tried out wireless debugging that is built into the Xcode 9 and above?

I know you’ve asked if this provides the data you need, but have you tried it our yourself?


Hello @anthony.monaco,

Yes we have. Unfortunately, wireless debugging cannot be used for User Interface Testing in Continuous Integration.

This is the purpose of my forum post: how to include this device in UIT as part of a CI? How can we enable plugging both the structure and a mac to the iPad so that the iPad does not run out of power? The UIT and CI solutions have to be autonomous so we can run them 24/7 to continuously validate the Occipital SDK, the Structure device’s scanning accuracy, new code, and protect ourselves from regression errors.


Perhaps it would help us if you give a bit more information on why it could not work to use the combination of using xcode wireless debugging, with a Structure Power Adapter Pro to keep the ipad and sensor powered ?
As you say wireless debugging would be very slow to run tests, but if there is no other solution does it give you something to start with?


Hello @woody3k,

If the structure sensor device is attached to the iPad AND the devices power cable is attached to the device (thus keeping the device charged), then can the device be used AND can it simultaneously charge the iPad?



Yep! This is possible with our Power Adapter Pro, found here.


Hi @anthony.monaco, it’s not working. Look at the attached pictures. The sensor is being charged, but is not charging the iPad Pro. Do I need to update the firmware on the sensor? If so, how do I do that? Thanks,


Do you have our Power Adapter Pro? It is a power adapter that is sold separately and is NOT included with the Structure Sensor.

Can you take a picture of the power adapter for me?


@anthony.monaco Is this a Power Adapter Pro?


That is the regular power adapter that is included with the Structure Sensor.

You can find a picture of the Power Adapter Pro, as well as purchase it, here.