Using iPhone 7 Plus with Bridge.


I couldn’t find answer on the forum, so I’m asking if it’s possible to make my own bracket for using iPhone7+ with Bridge or is the limitation due to hardware compatibility? are there any plans of continuing Bridge AR beyond current iPhone versions?



We do not have any plans to support iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus, as they are too large for the headset and can cause for uneven weight distribution. You are more than welcome to try to design your own 3D printed from face plate for your iPhone 7+ though! Send us pictures when you get it working!

Please have a look at the bottom of the following page to download a CAD Starter Pack for our Structure Sensor Brackets: Though the CAD files in that download aren’t for the Bridge Headset, they may provide useful information when designing your faceplate.

With each announcement from Apple, we will begin exploring how to make the Bridge Headset compatible with each of Apple’s newest iPhone models. However, we are unable to complete the testing process or give concrete answers on product compatibility until we have the newest model in our hands for testing.

The full process usually takes a few months after the product is physically released for purchase.

Here on our community forum is the best place to find any announcements regarding new product availability.


Thank you Anthony for the helpful answer. That is good news that there are no major restrictions and only ergonomic ones, as I think it is worth trying to implement the iPhone7+. The CAD files are very good start. Currently Bridge potentially is one of the better AR choices; it’s good to know that you’ll open to continue Bridge development as the next iPhone device comes around.


I have a headset coming out call the NEODioPLAY “Stealth” specifically made for the iPhone 7 Plus.

There is a problem with using the iPhone 7+ with Bridge though since the IPD is completely wrong in the SceneKit version and severe enough to create double vision. Working on a Unity demo as we speak since GVR can actually use the QR profile I created for the Stealth. Here is a little promo sheet and gif of the headset.

You can see the headset in action in latest “3D in Review” episode.