What size are the Structure Sensor bracket screws?


I got my sensor from the Kickstarter, and it’s pretty nice, but the screws weren’t in the box. What exact screws should I buy so that printed mounts will fit properly?


@jasmine From our CAD specs download documentation:

The screws provided with your sensor are Phillips Pan Head M1.6x5.5mm (Black), but you can use practically any screws that match the specs:

Screws needed: Four(4) M1.6 screws
Screw length: Screws should extend 3-5 mm into the sensor
Screw opening: Counterbore (flat bottom screw head)


Hi @philnelson,
Could you direct me to the link to download the CAD spec document. Wasn’t able to find it.




Try the “Download Starter CAD” link at the bottom of this page: