What would be a good web-player for 3D content after you had scanned it?


what would be a good web-player for 3D content after you had scanned it?

Does anybody know of a good player for websites, where I could display my scanned object or rooms that i scanned?

Would it be the unity 3d webplayer? http://unity3d.com/webplayer

or anybody any apps suggestions / work-flow ideas?


Sketchfab is popular and where we post our models for review.


Many use Sketchfab, and their viewer is fine + it will automatically switch to static images if the browser doesn’t support WebGL. If you’re more into building something yourself, I recommend looking at the examples for three.js http://threejs.org/examples/

It’ll load OBJs and PLYs, but it also contains exporters for common 3D model softwares like Blender, and Maya that will put your models into a javascript-friendly format.


Does somebody knows where to buy a module for OPENCART integration?

I have my Structure Sensor and I would love to use it with my website :smile:

Thank you


Try uploading your scan to Sketchfab and use the embed function to embed the model into Opencart.




While you’re there, take a look at my scans :slight_smile:


Upload your model to Sketchfab.


Another option, but conversion of the models to .stl format would be required:


Not sure how sketch fab loads the mesh geometry (on a mobile so can’t see) but three.js lets you load a JSON file which significantly speeds up loading time. I have an example here(of course depends on other factors like textures, your mesh complexity, etc):


three.js is a great library if you don’t mind some manual massaging of the data / display.


Late followup here, but vizor.io is without question the best way to create scenes with your captures. you’ll just have to learn how to reorient them, since for some reason they’re upside down.