Windows 7 drivers and soft installation how to make it happen?

hi i have win 7 64bit and try to follow the instructions to make the sensor works but in vain
the steps that i had done until now :

  1. i connect the sensor in my i pad and download the structure app from ap store and looks like working on ipad
    2 then i connect the sensor on win 7 (the windows try automatically to find and install drivers but there wasnt any) so i go on the forum and says to download " Non-iOS developers drivers" i did i install the
    and then i change the line

but enen then my pc havent recognize the structure
3. i go to the and download the latest drivers in zip format i place them on the folder of the openNI but that havent work either

so any suggestion ?
sr about my english i hope someone helps here
cause i believe that not to many of people are so familiar with this programming and they will find this hard as i do
thank you in advance

after i change the usb port in the cable seems that the the pc recognize the sensor by the name prime sense
and now when i open the viewer two window screens appear
1 with name openNI Viewer with this messages
Depth stream is OFF Color stream is OFF

image registration is off. Capture Formats - Depth :Lossless |image :Lossy |IR: Lossless
2. window with name NIViewer and says
Failed to createe depth stream:
XnonDevice:Cant initialize stream of type 3: failed to set usb interface!
stream: couldnt create useing soursce 3
context: Couldnt create stream from device:01f2acf0, source:3

I also have such problem. Looking forward to proper solution …

stayrakianos, are you saying that you had to try a different USB port?

I am having the same problem. Made the PS1080.ini changes on an x86 install of OpenNI2 (to all 3 files). I’m on Windows 8.1, but the sensor does not show up in Device Manager, and none of the OpenNI2 samples detect it.

EDIT: never mind, it works now. I was using some prototype hardware. Using the proper released sensor it appears as “PrimeSense” in Device Manager and works properly.

I am facing similar problem. Device detected as Primesense carmine. but NI viewer shows “Depth stream is off and color stream is off” message on screen.

SS connected to Laptop - Windows7.

sensor charging LED is blinking. as if, it is connected to charger. any changes has to be made to make it work?

I tried changing USB ports. still images are OFF message on screen. Should I connect SS to power adaptor?

I tried with Skanect software it is capturing the image. So device detection, power connection etc doubts are clear. images are off in NIVIewer is some software realted issue in open NI only.

How to fix it? can some one help?

I am surprised, Why there is no support for this topic? is it possible to view in windows 7PC with niviewer software? can someone help?

It uses the Primesense driver, you should try reporting the issue at the occipital openni github, sounds driver related

This issue has been resolved by SS support team yesterday. as given in the open ni2 insruction manual I changed the line of ;USBinterface = 2 to USBinterface = 0. but I did not remove the semicolon preceding the line. I am not aware of this. so I did not get the images. now after receiving support from the SS support team. I fixed it and I am getting the images.

Details of the fix is to remove semicolon