Working with debugger while sensor connected to the iPad


I didn’t found a way to work on iPad with debugger since the sensor use the lightning connection.
I’m wondering if there is a way to work with debugger while the sensor is connected to the iPad?
Does someone know if there is option to work with lightning splitter? (e.g. it looks that it only split the audio so probably will not work…



Here is a link from another post on wireless debugging.


Hi, the WirelessLog is really great and we are using it :slight_smile: we are searching for option to work with Xcode debugger. The only way to work with it is while the iPad is connected to the Mac via the lightning connection therefor we are searching for lightning splitter or any other solution for it.


If it helps, I tried lightning splitter when I first started developing our app and it did not work. If you do find a way, please post it here because using the debugger would be super handy.


fwiw, looks like Xcode 9 beta has wireless debugging for iOS and tvOS


Just to confirm, I was able to use the wireless debugging in XCode with a structure sensor app.

I think iOS 11 beta is required for wireless debugging, so structure SDK support may not be 100%.